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A wonderful game! I am absolutely impressed by the quality of this game. This game states that it is suitable for ages 7+, but my 6 year old played it with no problems! The quality of the game is excellent and the concept is simple but completely entertaining.

Sue on Jul 07, 2018

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Monkeys Up (S.T.E.M. Game)

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✅ Encourages Learning through fun

✅ Develops  Fine Motor Skills and coordination

✅ Builds crucial strategy, Memory and logic skills 

✅ Improves children’s Communication abilities

✅ Teaches children Patience and how to follow directions

✅ Durable easy-to-store materials

✅ Great Entertainment & Fun  for the whole family

Monkeys Up is designed to encourage family fun time, imaginative play, and a love of learning. Teacher-created,...

Rooster Race

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  • Game Play: The object of the game is to make educated guesses; to predict if the value of the top card in your...