Oct 02, 2018

Time sure does fly. If you’re a parent to small children, it seems like every time you blink your child is a year older. And you know what that means; it’s birthday party time!


From your child’s perspective, birthday parties are tons of fun and oh-so-exciting. For you the parent, birthday parties have the potential to be an absolute disaster of nightmarish proportions.

End of the World



But with planning and smart budgeting, your child’s birthday party doesn’t have to add a few grey hairs to your head while subtracting dollars from your wallet. Below are a few tips on how to throw a great, budget-friendly birthday party for kids

1. Stay Organized Ahead of Time

Determine the guest list first and send out the invitations at least two weeks ahead of time, that way other parents have plenty of time to RSVP. But buying stationary and paying for postage can be time consuming and add to your costs, so go digital. Send texts or emails to the parents to save you some time, hassle, and cash.

Plus, if you start planning early, you’ll have time to comparison shop or hit up sales or coupon clip for any supplies you may need

2. Plan Activities for All Ages

Also, when you start planning activities or picking a theme for the party, keep in mind everyone’s ages. It’s important to know who’s attending and what their skill levels are so you can set up the proper games and activities. That way no one is left behind, bored, or getting into trouble because they don’t have anything interesting to do.

To keep this affordable, do a personalized craft activity. Doing a craft activity can also cut down on any entertainment costs since it’s fun for kids and will keep them occupied for a while. You could have the partygoers decorate plain canvas totes or jewelry boxes. Bonus points if the craft activity is related to the theme

3. Save on Themes

Speaking of themes, you don’t have to spend a boat-load of money configuring and decorating for a theme. You can use things you already have around the house. Consider decorating with your child’s artwork or string up Christmas lights around the house for a bit of festive flair. You probably already have art supplies laying around, too. For example, you could cut up strips of blue construction paper and create streamers if you’re doing an ‘under the sea theme.’

4. Use Your Network

Do you have any friends with cool jobs or exotic pets? For example, you could ask your firefighter friend to come to the party to give a demonstration or your friend who owns an alpaca farm to bring one of the fluffy critters to the party.

5. Save on Favors

Goody bags can get expensive and time-consuming to make and label. Instead, you can pick up a piñata for around 20 bucks either online or at a local party store.

Kids care way more about having fun and making memories than what favors and swag bags they can get at a party. Below is a list of free and super fun activities your kids can play with their friends. Best of all for you, they’re free!

  • Red Rover
  • Freeze Tag
  • Moon Ball
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Hot Potato
  • Hide and Seek
  • Charades
  • Three-legged Race

One final pro-tip for parents – host the party in the mid to late afternoon. Basically, after lunch and before dinner. That way, people aren’t expecting you to host a big meal, saving you time, money, and all that cleanup.

Don’t forget to have your child involved in the activities. Knowing how to plan and organize a party is one of those social skills your child will need to use as they get older. Plus, it will boost their confidence as they learn new skills, and spending time with you planning and organizing the party will strengthen the bond you two have.

Birthday parties don’t have to overwhelm you while flatlining your bank account. Remember to keep organized ahead of time, use what you already have, and tap your network for entertainment.

Got any tips to share for hosting a memorable birthday party? Let us know in the comments!

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