There’s no one-size-fits all approach to education, and the popularity of homeschooling has been on the rise over the last several years. With the flexibility that comes with homeschooling, parents are able to custom-tailor their children’s education so that it best meets their unique needs and learning style. Homeschooling allows for the opportunity to use every day experiences as a chance for learning, and using board games throughout the day is the perfect way to inject some fun and creativity into your homeschool routine.      

Over the years, the benefits that come from play-based, experiential learning have become even more apparent, and board games are an invaluable tool for homeschool families to have in their arsenal. If you’re ready to start incorporating more game time into your homeschool routine, check out these ways that games can enhance your home learning environment:          

  • Focus on Play-Based Learning: Learning comes from so much more than just textbooks and lectures. In fact, playing has been found to be one of the most effective ways for children to learn about the world around them, and you can capitalize on your kids’ natural curiosity by turning play into education through board games.
  • Improve Fine Motor Skills: The small game pieces, dice, and cards used in the majority of board games give children the repetitive practice they need to build up their fine motor skills, coordination, and dexterity. By improving on these core skills, you’ll also be helping your child master important educational tasks—like handwriting!
  • Learn Valuable Life Lessons: The goal of education is to help our children learn the skills and knowledge needed to be successful adults, and part of that is having a strong set of social skills. Board games give you an ideal opportunity to teach children about taking turns, cooperation, and being a gracious winner (or loser) during competition.
  • Give Your Math Class a Boost: Most board games involve some sort of mathematical skill, and there are many different games available to gear learning towards various age groups. Whether you are helping your preschooler learn the number line in Chutes and Ladders or you’re having your pre-teen master money management in Monopoly, they will be developing math skills without even knowing that they’re doing schoolwork!
  • Promote Critical Thinking: One of the many reasons that parents choose to homeschool is to give children the opportunity to go deeper into subject matter that interests them. This gives them the chance to develop necessary critical thinking skills. Build on that philosophy by using board games based on strategy and logic that gets your kids thinking outside-the-box

Board games are one of the most useful tools you have to promote important educational skills in a fun, relaxed setting. There are countless games available that are geared towards education, but even the games designed purely for entertainment have benefits that can be used to enhance any homeschooler’s learning routine.   

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