Mar 23, 2019

Now that the spring equinox has come and gone for yet another year, it’s officially springtime in 2019. Rejoice, shorts lovers everywhere!

We’re continuing on with the RoosterFin Games Spring Cleaning series, and today, we’re going to cover a few practical tips for cleaning the car. Now that you’re done spring cleaning the house, it’s time to spiffy-up the family fun mobile. Let’s get started with our top seven practical ways to clean the car.

1. Cleaning the car is not the same as cleaning the house.

One of the things we’ve learned the hard way around here is that cleaning the car is not the same as cleaning the house. For example, when you wash a vehicle’s windows, you don’t want to use a window cleaner in a spray bottle, especially for the windshield and rear window. That is unless you want to take a window-cleaner shower. The windows are too close for comfort, and they are curved the wrong way. So, don’t become a target and use wipes instead to get those car windows clear and bright.

2. Decide what to keep and what to toss.

Next, decide on what you want to keep in the car, and what to get rid of. Have trash bags handy for this task and do it quickly. The more you overthink this challenge, the more frustrating and time consuming it becomes. As a busy parent, time is a luxury you just don’t have. Sometimes it’s easiest to empty the whole car first and then clean the car by wiping it down inside top to bottom.

3. Steel yourself for the dreaded vacuuming.

Now comes the dreaded vacuuming. If you are lucky enough to have a cordless vacuum, count your blessings. Make heavy use of the attachments. They are a life saver when it comes to cleaning cereal, chicken nuggets, leaves, and other debris from underneath and around the car seats. If you don’t have a cordless vacuum, maybe now is the time to go to a car wash and get the car cleaned inside and out.

4. Destroy the fingerprint evidence!

Trying to make the most of our time, we’ve all let the kids have food in the car on occasion while trying to fulfill everyone’s busy schedule, and we have sticky fingerprints galore to show for it! Rather than trying to scrub them away, you could quickly go over them with Clorox or other sanitizing wipes. Let the sticky prints soak for a bit in the cleaning solution and then go over them again. This way, everything comes off easily, and you’ll only have to use minimal elbow grease.

5. Don’t forget the roof and look up.

Have you ever noticed that even the smallest kids seem to be able to reach every spot around them? Take a good look at the inside roof of your car. See any smudges and tiny handprints? Yep, they have to go, too. Make sure to use carpet cleaner instead of Clorox wipes on fabric, so you don’t wind up with stains or discoloration. Use environmentally-safe cleaning supplies whenever possible. You can even make your own with lemon juice, or vinegar and baking soda.

6. Air freshener, anybody?

Getting into a car that smells like candy apple and cinnamon can be very relaxing as long as nobody has allergies, or is sensitive to fragrances. Like with cleaning supplies, you can make your own air freshener using essential oils. If this is something you’d like to do, the essential oils in the food aisle or at the pharmacy that are used for flavoring are less expensive than aroma oils but are just as effective. Be adventurous!

7. Get the little helpers involved.

If you haven’t gone to the car wash to clean your car inside and out, now is the time to get the kids involved. Pick a nice warm day and have buckets with soapy water and sponges ready for your little helpers. After scrubbing the dirt off the car, help the kids hose off the car.

Engage them in deciding what to put back into the car once you have finished cleaning. The first aid kit is a must, as are the car seats. Blankets are always a good idea for naps, picnics or playing games.Think about bringing sandbox toys, a ball and board games for fun if you need to get out of the sun. Board games can be great family fun and attract others who might want to join in.

If you and your kids like to make new friends at the park, this is an easy way to do it. Invite them to join in and talk about your interests. You might find that you have a lot in common and look forward to getting together again.

It looks like we’ve done a great job getting ready for a fantastic spring and summer. We’ve prepared the car to do more than just getting us to where we want to go. We are prepared for hours of outdoor fun without breaking the bank or getting bored. Let’s put the cell phones and electronics away and let’s get ready to play together and make new friends.

Next week, we’ll be wrapping up our Spring Cleaning Series with a final guide on how to gussy up the outside of the house. Do you have any spring cleaning tips or favorite RoosterFin Games you like to play for a spontaneous family game adventure at the park? Let us know in the comments.

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