Mar 22, 2016

We Are Not Just Another Board Game Company.

Our team works to offer you simple, fun gaming for your whole family. Our table-top games are perfect for family game night, your next barbecue party, birthday gift, or airport travel. RoosterFin games might sound typical, but we are not just another board game company, nor do we offer traditional games like Monopoly. Joe “RoosterFin” Balcuk started the business by learning the addictive qualities in games. He observed kids in the classroom, studied game theory, and played hours of video and board games. Then Joe took a pencil, some graph paper, and a shoestring budget and turned it into a line of family-friendly games. 


Joe’s backstory will pique your interest.

Joe RoosterFin grew up in a middle class home, was taught to value education and respect his elders.

ME: Joe, what was your childhood like in a few sentences?

JOE: I grew up the oldest of 3 siblings. We made forts out of household furniture, banged pots on the porch on New Year's Eve, and were excited for pizza night Friday.

Joe as a Child

Pictured: Joe as a child on the kitchen floor of his family home playing with Playmobil toy soldiers.

He's a regular Joe; with a twist!

ME: Most people like structure and routines. Do you?

JOE: Don’t get me wrong, I like a good daily routine; a good cup of coffee and morning shower to reset my pins. But, I learned very early in life that if you allow yourself to get too complacent, your brain gets lazy. It’s unfulfilling. I don't want life to be boring.

ME: Why keep a journal?

JOE: For me, it is a great way to jot down my thoughts and ideas. When life gets busy it’s easy to forget. 

As a teenager Joe worked stocking shelves for a beauty products company, cleaning dog kennels at a veterinary office, selling chickens from a call center, and tracking checks for a bank.

He made mistakes, learned from them, and moved onHe is a true entrepreneur.

When his parents told him he can do anything he wanted, the world was waiting for him; Joe took that advice and never looked back. After graduating with two degrees in mathematics, Joe spent over a decade in the classroom teaching kids. He learned how to motivate children through games. And mastered how to keep their interest and attention. It was this experience that led him to start RoosterFin. 

ME: Leaving a secure job as a teacher must have been hard to do.

JOE: Leaving a steady job with health insurance is hard to do, but when you have a true passion for something and know the clock is ticking, it is worth the risk. I am glad I did it.

Now Joe writes unique game engines that encourage social development, math skill building, and friendly competition through play. He is always learning new ways to improve your gaming experience.

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From our family to yours - thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy gaming,
Kate RoosterFin

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