Jun 09, 2016

Search Google about entrepreneurs and marriage and you will find countless articles about how to make those two things meld. Peruse the self-help section of the bookstore and there are dozens of books on how to succeed in your business and marriage. The fact is, many entrepreneurs struggle to find a balance between their work and their personal lives. So when you marry a business owner, you marry the business, right? I believe the answer to that is YES! 

An entrepreneur is passionate, driven and wholeheartedly determined to succeed. As the spouse of an entrepreneur, you are either going to decide to jump on that train, or watch it leave the station without you. If you choose to ride the train, prepare to be on the most adventurous ride of your life!

The Game Startup 

I met Joe during the early stages of his game development career. His “outside-the-box” big-thinking notion was new to me. I am from a small town with a deli and a stoplight where thinking big is expanding the deli into a luncheonette. Despite this, my father used to tell me the world was my oyster. And I never really knew what he meant, until I met Joe.

Over a decade later, now as his wife, I have an intimate connection to the world of games and life with an entrepreneur. It’s demanding, intellectual, and fun. From Joe, I've learned that life does not have to fit into a prescribed set of rules.

Set goals, explore new things, and ponder life questions. 

I chose to get on the train. And I look forward to sharing the ride with you. 

*Pictured: Joe and Kate on their wedding day, 2015.

Thanks to Meg Hirshberg, wife of Stonyfield Yogurt CEO, for sharing her story with the world and writing the book "For Better or for Work - A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families", I have some reading to do! It’s even available on Amazon

And please share your thoughts and/or resources if you have any experience with this topic. I want to get it right!

Keeping it real,

Kate RoosterFin

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