Oct 22, 2016

As game makers, one question we get often is: Do you offer single player board games?

YES! We do! 

Despite many multi-player board games in the retail market, some games do offer single-player instructions. Just look for the “1” to learn which games are appropriate to play solo. 

Many of the single-player games we researched are not necessarily geared toward family game night with your 7 year old; think Space Hulk Death Angel and Mage Knight. (Never heard of these games? Don't worry, these are typically geared toward niche fans in the hobby market.) 

If you want your child off his/her Xbox gaming console and around the kitchen table playing a game, we love the growing group of board games that offer kids a single-player option. Here are a few we recommend:

Color Clash by Blue Orange Games

Laser Maze by Thinkfun

Suspend by Melissa and Doug

Yamslam by Blue Orange Games

And as you would expect, here at RoosterFin, we also have a few games that offer a single-player option.

Lumpy Cubes


Monkeys Up


Rooster Race

Your children are going to learn how to master game play by playing solo. You (and they) often learn about their individual personality traits too!

Thoughts to ponder: Do your children play games with mental focus and strength to succeed? Or, do they give up quickly when the game gets difficult?

As always, thanks for checking in with us! We hope we continue to provide you topics that offer something new each time you read along. If you have a topic you want us to comment on, please send us an email to games@roosterfin.com.

Joe and Kate RoosterFin

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