Jul 20, 2017

Before iPhones and video games took over free-time, board games were one of the most popular pastimes for families around the globe. While technology has a time and place in everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of the one-on-one interaction and benefits that come from sitting around a table playing a game with your kids and loved ones.

Despite the impact of the digital age on families around the world, there’s still nothing better than turning off the phone and TV and pulling out a favorite family game. So, what makes board games such an enjoyable way to spend time? Are there actual benefits to playing board games?

 The answer is quite simply—yes!

To give you even more of a reason to play games with your family, explore the following benefits that you can get from the simple act of interacting through board games with the people you love most:  

  • Giving Your Brain a Boost
    That’s right—board games have actual benefits for the brain! By laughing with your kids and disconnecting from the constant pressure of technology, you can lower your blood pressure and give your brain a boost of endorphins to combat anxiety and depression. Not to mention, the mental power used to play a game can even reduce the risk for cognitive decline and memory issues!
  • Building Life Skills and Communication

Modern society puts more emphasis on screen time than it does face-to-face interaction, and board games are an ideal way to bring your family back to core social skills and values. By learning how to win, lose, and work together, you’ll be teaching your children valuable tools needed to improve their communication and empathy in the real world.

  • Increasing Fine Motor Skills
    Build up your kids’ motor skills without them even knowing! Playing board games requires the use of fine motor skills to move game pieces and shuffle cards—which can have the added benefit of improving handwriting and coordination for a number of essential daily tasks.
  • Strengthening the Family Bond
    If you feel like you’re losing touch with your family in the whirlwind of life, board games are a great way to bring everyone back together in a fun, relaxing environment. Not only will you be giving your family undivided attention, you’ll be opening the door for conversation and discussions that inevitably lead to a stronger, closer connection.

So, there you have it! Playing board games is not only the perfect way to spend a fun evening with your family—it can actually have a profound positive effect on many different areas of your life. From building up memory and cognitive skills to reducing stress, there’s a reason that board games have remained one of the most popular pastimes for thousands of years. 

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