Aug 31, 2019

The RoosterFin Games empire is built on a strong foundation of innovative, fun, and educational board games. But come on - it’s still summertime! Make the best of what’s left of it and play some vintage-style outdoor games.

No matter how big or small your group is, our ultimate list of outdoor games can accommodate. This list of outdoor games will give you some ideas for your Labor Day picnic or back-to-school get togethers. Who doesn’t remember the fun of playing Jax, marbles, hopscotch, hide and seek, jump rope, or kick the can?

The beauty of our ultimate list of outdoor games is:

  • They don’t require a lot of prep
  • Rules are simple and easy to follow
  • The group size is very flexible and easy to adjust for ultimate outdoor fun
  • You can spend as much or as little time as you please. 

These games promote fine motor skills, coordination, endurance, healthy competition, fun, exercise, and opportunities for social learning. And, they’re suitable for almost any location; even on the schoolyard for kids during break.

Girl Playing Outdoor Game

List of Outdoor Games for Larger Groups

Outdoor games for larger groups need a little more preparation - plus the required space or background. Ballgames can be divided into several groups depending on what you need:

  • Net-games such as volleyball.
  • Goal games like soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse.
  • bat-and-ball games like baseball and cricket.
  • Handball and ball-striking games.

How about outdoor games for family reunions?

Here we have to keep in mind the different age groups. Though most of the outdoor games mentioned for kids at school will also work for most age groups, tiny children may be happiest:

  • Playing catch
  • Hide and Go seek
  • Kick the Can

Very popular with kids of all ages are games like cornhole, bowling, and dodgeball. Perfection is less important than good communication within the group, though score-keeping can add to the fun. 

Make sure that you agree on the rules beforehand if you decide to keep score. This way, the fun doesn’t turn into frustration. Plus, learning how to win or lose graciously is an important life skill that kids need to learn, and so is fairness and being helpful to one another without letting someone win. 

List of Outdoor Games with Pets

If you happen to have furry family members, dogs will enjoy playing games of fetch:

  • Frisbees
  • Tennis Balls
  • Ropes and other pull toys

List of Outdoor Games

Regardless of the games you choose, make sure everyone can enjoy them and join in. Look around you and see if the area you are in would be ideal for certain games. For example, a wooded area might be ideal for hide and seek. 

At the beach:

  • Have a sandcastle building competition
  • Play bocce ball
  • Ring-toss
  • Bowling 
  • Run an obstacle course 
  • See who can jump the greatest distance
  • Have a relay match

Kids Playing Outdoor Beach Game

Outdoor Games for Young and Old

In your own backyard, anything goes as long as there is enough space to engage in the activities safely. Let everyone be part of preparing the games and cleaning up later on. This way nobody feels excluded, and everyone realizes their contributions are important. 

You can even turn cleanup time into a healthy competition. See who has straightened out their area first, collected all the toys, and put them back where they belong. 

If you had a picnic, challenge everyone to collect leftovers and trash. Make sure to treat this part of your outing as equally important as your fun activity. This way, you won’t get stuck with all the work, and kids will develop the habit of cleaning up after activities for life. 

Outdoor Fun Throughout the Seasons

Make sure to enjoy the last days of summer. Soon, autumn will be here. This special time makes longer hikes enjoyable. Collect and dry leaves, gather acorns and chestnuts, go on treasure hunts - there is so much to do year-round outdoors. Take advantage of the beauty of nature and enjoy each season with your kids away from screens and distractions. 

No matter what the weather or season may be, games are always fun to play. RosterFin Games are easy to bring along wherever you go, and they are enjoyable and easy to learn for any age group. If you need a break from running around and being busy working up a sweat, just bring out one of RoosterFin’s board games like Lumpy Cubes or Ninja Squirrels. Whether in the shade of a leafy oak in summer or while enjoying hot chocolate at home on a cold winter day, it’s always the season for fun and games.

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