May 09, 2019

Wouldn't it be fun to spend more time as a family? How about being able to bring the kids, parents, and grandparents together having fun and learning at the same time?

Do you think that's impossible? Just the idea of getting everyone together around a table, unplugged, and willing to spend time away from tv and electronics? And add to that, learning valuable math skills while having fun?

Buy Monkeys Up STEM Game

Just try it. With the new generation of board games out there offered by RoosterFin games, you'll find that uniting all age groups for family fun and bonding becomes child's play. And you learn valuable things along the way: 

  • How to apply and improve math skills
  • How to compete against each other and
  • Win or lose graciously.
  • How practice improves your skills.
  • How spending time together opens the channels of communication.
  • How you learn with and about each other
  • How to improve concentration and patience
  • How following rules is constructive.
  • How to be respectful towards others while still
  • Playing to win.

These are all valuable lessons that can be taught while having a ton of fun. It is incredible how little time it takes to incorporate these critical life skills into your family routines when you use games like "Monkeys Up" to do it.

Finding family time together when everyone is on a busy schedule is hard, especially if it seems like nobody is ever together at home at the same time. So it is more important than ever to have family quality time and bond together over regular family activities.

You probably heard how just having spending time together as a family, or eating dinner together 3 or 4 times a week lowers the risk of children getting in with the wrong crowd or experimenting with activities like smoking, drinking or worse. So why not try adding a couple of family nights for fun and see where that leads?

You might be able to improve siblings relationships, add friends to your group, and spend time together learning while playing. With games from RoosterFin, it's easy to avoid the feeling of boredom or dread being away from electronic devices. Instead, you enjoy quality family time. It's exciting when the kids are looking forward to bonding and learning because they are having fun.

All too often, family game night is avoided since nobody wants to spend time setting up games that will take forever before they are finished. Usually, there are arguments because the rules are just too hard to understand. With a game like "Monkeys Up," that just isn't an issue. All you need are the 18 monkeys and your action cube, and you are ready to go.

All 18 monkeys are put on the table. The bottom of each monkey is labeled with a number from one to 15, and some of the monkeys have an "X" at the bottom, for a value of zero. No one wants a "zero" monkey! Put a pin in that, 'cause it's important. 

Every player chooses three monkeys. After choosing your three monkeys, you can look at the bottom of the monkeys to see their value. But don't show anyone else your monkey numbers! The objective of the game is to have the highest number once there are three monkeys up. That's when the game is over, and that's why you don't want any "X" monkeys.

To start the game, roll the action cube and do what it says. That could be switch, steal, reverse or flip. All monkeys are in play at all times. Just complete the action required by the dice and be ready to win. Use your memory and math skills to develop a good strategy. Remember, if you have an X, get rid of it. Give it to an opponent stuck if your cube says "switch."

If the cube says, "steal" you get to choose any monkey and add it to yours. Unless you got an X, your total number just got better. Can you smell victory?


"Reverse" means changing the direction in which the cube is played. And "flip,"of course, means put a monkey up. Once three monkeys are up, the game is over. 

The catch is that the player with the highest total wins - not the player who has three monkeys up. This is why "Monkeys Up" is such an excellent game to learn strategy and math.

Games, where younger kids aren't at a disadvantage due to their lack of knowledge, are boring and seduce adults into letting younger kids cheat to win — not a good lesson for them and the fastest way to alienate and annoy older siblings.

A game night is only as good as the games you are playing. They should be age appropriate, easy to set up and play, fun to enjoy together, and be just the right amount of time. If they teach you something while you play, that's even better!

"Monkeys Up" is a game that teaches math skills and strategy while promoting fun for all ages. It helps concentration, memory, and strategy, improves social skills and communication. You will love seeing your child wanting to play games while improving valuable life skills.

There is no need to jump into the car to go places and spend a small fortune on family entertainment. Go through the hassle of finding a parking spot, standing in line and so on. Just buying tickets for fun and entertainment costs so much that it almost takes your breath away. Plus it costs you every time you go.

Parks are free and lots of fun. But if you want to spend all day, it's a good idea to break up the time in the sun and the time in the shelter a little bit. Between sunburn and the question of what can we do, board games are a great solution to staying engaged while getting a short break.

With the summer vacation right around the corner, a little planning goes a long way. The opportunity for family fun comes, and so does the question of what can we do together that we all enjoy. Spending a little time on research for activities that don't break the bank is an excellent idea. Better yet, board games are something you can do year around without spending a lot of time organizing and coordinating the activities.

RoosterFin games Monkeys Up will add fun and excitement just by being something new to try. You'll be surprised how your kids will love spending time with family and friends at your home or outside while being unplugged from their electronics. Give it a try and enjoy the fun!

Monkeys Up STEm Board Game by RoosterFin

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