Sep 27, 2019

Very young children are exposed to twice as much screen time as children who grew up in the late 1990s. It's not surprising. There are far more digital devices around nowadays than there were back then. Parents today are also busier than ever before. 

For many parents of school-aged children, it can be difficult to find enough time to spend with your kids that don't involve a digital device. Parents want to spend quality time with their kids, but often don't know what to do. Not everyone is artsy-craftsy, and some parents don't have the mobility to play physical games and sports with their children.

We believe there is a way to meet all these needs - reduce screen time for kids, and increase quality family time. It won't cost a lot of money, a lot of time, or make a huge mess. Fun games, specifically board games, can be the answer to your modern-day parenting prayers. 

The RoosterFin Board Games Bundle is the perfect way for parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers to give the gift of quality time to their children. As the holidays draw near, the RoosterFin Board Games Bundle also makes a great Christmas present. 

What's included in our fun games bundle?

  • Our flagship Rooster Race game
  • The perfect game for budding mathletes, Monkeys Up
  • And fast-paced Ninja Squirrels

This is a trip through some of our best-selling games. Below, we'll break down the basics of how the games are played, what age groups can most benefit, and what types of skills the games are designed to hone and increase. 

RoosterFin games are designed to be fun for all in the family. Toddlers, kindergartners, school-aged children, teens, and adults can all find a game they will like from our extensive line up. 

Each game will teach social skills like:

  • Following rules
  • Basic math and matching skills
  • Coordination
  • Fast reaction
  • Healthy competition 
  • Graciously winning
  • Accepting defeat
  • Trying again
  • Improving your game
  • Speed
  • Hand and eye coordination

Let's have some fun and explore the games included in the Best Game Bundle from RoosterFin Games. 

The flagship of the RoosterFin collection is hands-down the fun board game Rooster Race. This is a fast-paced high or low game that even the youngest game players can enjoy. The game's objective is to get more pieces of corn than your opponents. 

ProTip: A round of Rooster Race is supposed to end with no more ears of corn. 

The Rooster Race game contains:

  • 72 rooster cards
  • 15 ears of corn

Place the ears of corn in the center of the table, shuffle the 72 rooster cards, and deal 14 cards to each player. 

Important: The players can't look at their cards!

Players take turns guessing if their card is higher or lower than the card displayed on the card pile in the middle of the table. If they guessed correctly, they are rewarded with a piece of corn. If their guess was incorrect, a piece of corn needs to be returned to the center. After all the players have flipped their cards, the game is over. The player with the most pieces of corn wins.

This game is great fun for anyone 5 years and up. It is easy to see why it is so popular with all ages. 

The next game in the RoosterFin Board Games Bundle is Monkeys Up.

This game fosters math and STEM skills. Children will sharpen their addition skills and ability to strategize while flipping switching their cute monkey tokens. Be aware, Monkeys Up can bring out the most serene child's competitive streak. 

RoosterFin Monkeys Up contains: 

  • 18 monkeys numbered 1 to 15
  • 1 action cube 

The object of the game? Be the player with the most points once a round of Monkeys Up ends. Each monkey token is labeled with a number on the bottom that is supposed to be kept hidden from the other players. Three of the monkeys are marked with an X. Get rid of them immediately since X counts zero points. Don't get stuck with any of these three monkeys! That's where the strategy skills kick in. The game is over when the first player has three monkeys up. 

This game is great fun for all who love strategy and adding up numbers quickly. There is also some luck involved since the roll of the dice determines the action. 

First, all monkeys are placed in the middle of the table. Each player gets three monkeys and is allowed to look underneath their own monkeys to see what they have. Each player takes a turn rolling the dice and completing the action. The dice may call for the player to steal someone else's monkey. 

Any monkey is fair game since all monkeys are in play throughout each round. Other actions might call to switch monkeys or flip them. Once a player has three monkeys up, everyone needs to tally up their points. The player with the highest number wins.

It is easy to see that this game that combines luck, skill, and strategy will become a favorite for aspiring mathematicians. 

Last but not least in the Board Game Bundle is the much-loved nut snatching, color-matching game Ninja Squirrels. 

This game contains:

  • 60 cards
  • 4 character cards
  • 20 acorns 
  • A Game board

First, snap the four game board pieces together. They should form a circle. Second, put one acorn per color on the ring. Place all remaining acorns back in the box. Now, pick your character card for the game. 

Shuffle all 60 cards and distribute them evenly to the players. Flip the top card in the center of the ring. There are two kinds of cards: Color matching and non-matching cards. Whenever a matching card is revealed, all players race to claim the matching acorn! Hijinks ensue. 

Randomly, this acorn is replaced with one of the acorns left in the box. It is possible to have the same colors on the ring. Just keep playing taking turns turning your cards over until there are no more cards left to play or all acorns are won. The player with the most acorns wins.

Now that the holidays are just around the corner makes it a great time to be prepared when friends and family come over. You can have a fun time with any of these board games. The RoosterFin Board Game Bundle makes entertaining a breeze. The days are getting shorter and the weather colder, and now's the ideal time to add family fun with some classic board and card games to your weekend plans.

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