Mar 17, 2019

With winter almost gone (yippee!), there are new challenges for the family to tackle. Our last article covered a few general, spring cleaning tips for the house. But what about the family car? The state of the car is pretty easy to forget. Hardly anyone takes a leisure drive anymore, so you often find yourself in the car, rushed. If you tend to eat-on-the-go too, you might be less than surprised to see several months-old French fries or the kid’s chicken nuggets under the car seats. And how did all that granola get on the floor?! No one in the family eats granola!

After spending the winter cooped up or off visiting family and friends for the holidays, now it’s time to take an inventory of what’s been left behind in the car. Even if the family vehicle has managed to remain unscathed by rogue, stiff and stale French fries and renegade granola crumbs, chances are you have a few toys, presents, or winter gear sitting around and collecting dust in the backseats.

Having a clean, orderly car that isn’t chock-full of random bric-a-brac and winter clothes can make travel less stressful. So, how to start cleaning out the family car? We’ve got a suggestion, and we think it’s the best way to get your vehicle in shape.

Switch-Out the Weather-Dependent Gear

Once the weather changes, it’s a good idea to switch out the gear you keep in the family car. During the cold months, it makes sense to store extra blankets, hats, gloves, and sweaters in the car. But forgetting to take winter gear out of the car and replace it with things for warm-weather and fun in the sun can make your vehicle start to resemble a closet on wheels.

Before you start loading up the family van with a new set of board games, sandbox toys, umbrellas, squirt guns, sunscreen, and the like, make sure you take out the old winter stuff first. Keeping toys and games that are for summer activities on-hand in the family car can turn any trip from home into a fun and spontaneous family game night when the weather is great.

What are some other ways to turn your family wheels into fun central? Take some of the games and activities that your kids enjoy the most and store them in the trunk of the car.

If you end up staying out longer than you initially intended, then you know what happens with the kids.


“We’re bored.”

“How much longer do we have to stay here?”

“Why are you ruining our lives?"

“Did we mention we’re bored?”

Kids don’t play outside as much as they used to even a few short years ago, and we can probably blame electronics and television entertainment for that. When you want to stay outside longer and enjoy the weather, but the kids need a little bit of a distraction, what can you do? Whip out those games you stored in trunk earlier. Don’t forget to pack a blanket so everyone can sit on the grass and enjoy time outside together playing games as a family.

Storing some games in the family car can give the kids something to do when you’re out and about once the weather breaks, and spontaneous family game get-togethers are an excellent way to get more quality time together. Best of all? They won’t break the bank. When you’re ready to start clearing out and organizing the family car, don’t just clean it. Turn it into fun central on wheels.

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