Obviously as game inventors, we love games!

But a lot of other people do too. We play board games for many of the same reasons we play video games, read a book, play a sport, or just about anything that provides us some excitement. They are fun! They are break from daily chores, competitive, challenging, stimulating, evoke imagination, and are a test of skills and abilities.

But, I believe the important, positive, differences between board games and many other types of activities is that board games provide face-to-face competition, socialization, and creative imagination.

You can pick up, touch, and feel the game pieces. You read the game instructions from a piece of paper, talk to the other players about how the game plays, analyze and strategize with your opponents and learn patience while other players make their moves! 

So get out there and get yourself some new board games! Your next family game night or backyard BBQ will be a blast!

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