• Kate RoosterFin Dec 01, 2017

    Top 10 Reasons You Should be Playing Board Games

    Here are some fun benefits:  As we go through daily life, it’s easy to be bogged down by the stress and pressures we have to deal with to get through the day. With all the challenges of adulthood, making time to have some fun and relax with people we love is even more important, and one of the best ways to do that is through playing board games.    There’s...


  • Kate RoosterFin Nov 16, 2017

    Why Do People Play Board Games?

    FUN. FUN. FUN. Board games have been around for thousands of years, and they show no sign of falling out of style. Whether you enjoy highly-competitive, logical games or games that are designed to keep you laughing the entire time you play, there is something for everyone in the world of board games. So, besides the fun factor that’s guaranteed with a game night, why else do people love to...


  • Kate RoosterFin Oct 19, 2017

    Why are Board Games Better than Video Games?

    In the modern world of entertainment, everything seems to be focused on the next major technological advancement. From high-realism video games to virtual-reality gaming consoles, our world has made a shift in the last several decades towards bigger, better technology when it comes to games and entertainment. Video games may continue to be skyrocketing in popularity, but are they really a better alternative to traditional board games? We definitely don’t...


  • Kate RoosterFin Sep 21, 2017

    Health Benefits for Seniors that Play Board Games

    Sitting down and playing a board game with family and friends is at the center of many of our fondest childhood memories, but that doesn’t mean that games are only for the young! From preschool-aged children to those in seniors in their golden years, board games are a universal way to reconnect with the enjoyment of spending time with those that we love. While the fun we get from board...


  • Kate RoosterFin Aug 17, 2017

    5 Ways Board Games Will Enhance Your Homeschool Routine

    There’s no one-size-fits all approach to education, and the popularity of homeschooling has been on the rise over the last several years. With the flexibility that comes with homeschooling, parents are able to custom-tailor their children’s education so that it best meets their unique needs and learning style. Homeschooling allows for the opportunity to use every day experiences as a chance for learning, and using board games throughout the day...