RoosterFin was founded in 2011 by Joe. It was then that he and Kate started this adventure together. They traveled around the United States visiting toy store after toy store to distribute Joe’s games. Then, with the help of Joe’s sister Christine, they picked up the phones, spoke to store owners, and found those willing to take a chance on product from this new, unknown game company. Each year since, RoosterFin has reached more people and produced more simple-to-learn, easy-to-play educational games. Joe and his family hope RoosterFin games become a part of your family traditions. He says, “From our family to yours – have fun always!”

Joe RoosterFin

Chief Game Maker and Founder/CEO

Hi! I taught math to middle school students for over a decade before leaving the classroom to create games. My students were longing for new fun family activities and I was driven to create them. My career change was also motivated by memories I have growing up playing games with family. I now enjoy seeing others have the chance to make great family memories around the kitchen table.

I know life isn’t all fun and games, so I insert a little bit of math into each RoosterFin game. This ensures children can apply skills from school into my games while playing with family and friends.

Happy gaming!

FUN FACT:Joe can do almost anything equally with is left and right hands.

SIMPLE PLEASURES:Joe loves to barbecue. He also enjoys a freshly ironed shirt.

P.S....Joe has a crush on the Chief Photographer.



Associate Game Maker and Chief Photographer

Hey there! With a background in communications and school counseling, I appreciate the importance of social activities with family and friends. I love all kinds of games; sports games, board games, and everything in between. Something about the friendly competition and good ole’ clean fun is very appealing and enjoyable! Besides, when you are married to the Chief Game Maker, games are part of your living room, dining room, and closets.

My favorite thing is to hear from fans. So don't forget, if you have a question, comment, or just want to say hi, send off an email to us at

Look forward to hearing from you!

FUN FACT:Kate is left handed and plays golf that way.

SIMPLE PLEASURES:Kate loves visiting new places. She also likes to paint; in fact she learned to paint like Bob Ross at his school in New Smyrna, FL.



Game Ambassador and Promotion Guru

Hello! I love working at RoosterFin, not just because it’s with my brother and sister-in- law, but because I get to share our games with all of you. It is my mission to find you so you can help us spread the word about these great games!

My years of classroom teaching have taught me what kids enjoy, and I see that interest in them when I read about our products in your blogs and watch your video reviews.

Thanks for your support!

FUN FACT:Christine loves science, in fact she teaches it to high schoolers.

SIMPLE PLEASURES:Christine enjoys a good book. She also likes cooking and gets a kick out of trying out new recipes with her husband; she does awesome piping on cakes that she learned from her days working in Carvel!